Pans & Company is a leader in the catering sector with more than 340 restaurants. Founded in 1991 by The EatOut Group, it currently belongs to the Ibersol Group.

About Pans & Company

To talk about Pans & Company is to talk about snacks. Since the opening of its first restaurant, the sandwich has been the center of its business, understanding the sandwich as the fundamental pillar of its marcda

In 2016, its mobile application to manage the communication of offers and promotions in the different restaurants available to its customers.

In 2017, we classified its initial approach of the loyalty card in its application for the accumulation of points in the consumption of its customers and manage the redemption of points for euros of discount.

The App

  • Pans & Company in an application that allows you to manage all the advantages of the «You & Pans» loyalty card used by more than 190,000 customers.

The goals

  1. Improve user acquisition by accelerating your conversion process to customers through the App
  2. Increase the number of recurring purchases per user

The focus

  • Perform an analysis of the origin of the users when downloading the App to design a capture plan based on quality and not on the number of users.
  • Analyze user behavior over time in using the application to define the fastest conversion to sale flow.
  • Implement a personalized relational plan to each user segment based on their behavior by combining the different communication formats.

Achievements obtained with ARDE

User Acquisition

During the first month Pans & Company increased the number of active users by 65% with 150% more openings of the application.

The number of registrations made by users increased by 40%, increasing the number of buyers by 110%.

User Retention


The 90-day user retention increased to 43%, which represents an increase of more than 30% in its previous retention.

This increase in user retention results in a 50% increase in the number of recurring buyers generating a turnover of more than € 35,000 on average per day, only through the App.