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User acquisition

We help you with the acquisition of users to grow and increase the visibility of your App through all means: Ad Networks, Google Ads, Facebook or Apple Search Ads, creating the perfect mix of media to attract quality users.

Our team is certified in:

App store optimization

We design ASO strategies (app store optimization) and App Indexing to optimize the positioning of your app in mobile app stores. We provide you with the highest visibility to generate the maximum volume of organic downloads.

User retention

We segment your users and analyze all their data with the best technology to design the conversion strategy of your App.

We are experts at developing your personalized retention plan with Push Notifications, In-App Messages, Native Ads & SMS.

We design retargeting campaigns to retain and recover users in your mobile business.


Our team of experts review in detail the design, creativity and usability of your App, checking that everything works correctly on all devices and all operating systems. Thus your effort in user acquisition and retention will be rewarded, turning users into customers.

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