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Not all users are the same. You need to analyze and differentiate them by creating segments based on their behavior, origin (organic / paid), acquisition channel or operating system.

With a personalized Push & In-App communication plan for each user, we maintain retention and increase the use of your App to make them loyal users.


To improve the conversion of users, we identify those with the highest probability to convert.

We use deep links to direct traffic from your app to the perfect destination.

We daily optimize the performance of your communications to monetize your users.

Communication plan

A good communication strategy can maintain the interest of your users in your app and help them in the conversion funnel, or even recover inactive users.

We develop the perfect Communication Plan to keep your users always active by optimizing daily all your Push Notifications and In-App Messages.

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day after day.
Robert Collier

Talk to your users

Using the right message at the right time for each user can help you increase user retention and conversion to levels never seen before.

Push notifications

The most widespread format to communicate with your users is also the format with the highest return on investment. It is important to send enough messages but never saturating the user. For this, the content and frequency are basic. We help you with it.


In-App messages allow you to communicate with your users when they use your app, proposing new products or services to them and reporting all your news. Select what to show to which users and when is our specialty.

Native Ads

The most advanced communication format that you can find for your app allows you to modify the content of your app in real time in a segmented way and including it perfectly in the UX of your app so that the user interacts with it naturally.


One of the oldest formats can be your greatest ally when you want to recover users who uninstalled your app or deactivated Push Notifications. At ARDE we can help you by sending advanced content, links to your app or surveys to recover those users.

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